My works use the tensions of opposing landscapes as a source. Historical time has a dimension which is vertical, this is crossed with the horizontal notion of our contemporary. The two together create the surfaces in which I work. Time is a trapped space between these lines, a negative space which creates the image, it frames the image. I engage with what happens between these layers. Painting transmits an immediate encounter, one that I do not technically filter. Derived or placed in the urban setting, the surrounding context is a part of the work. In their performativity, the paintings question what is no longer in the frame and what is painting. I am painting the effect of painting.

Painting that is not painting. Painting placed in construction holes. Situated spectral tunnels.

Based in Berlin (b.1986 Saudi Arabia) Jordanian / German grew up in  Jordan and Washington DC.



2011 – 2015 Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee

Diplom, Meisterschuler

2013 Semester Abroad Chelsea College of Art – London

2014 – 2015 Ashkal Alwan Homeworkspace Program, Beirut

2005 – 2009 Temple University, Philadelphia

Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts- concentration in Painting

2008 Semester Abroad Tyler School of Art – Rome

Selected Exhibitions 


Bad News, Wiesbaden Biennale in collaboration with Rabih Mrouè – Wiesbaden

Staffelschau, Neuen Kunst Initiative NKI – Berlin


Fruit of Sleep, Sharjah Biennale 13 : Tamawuj Act II, Sursock Museum – Beirut

It Looks Like ISIS, SOX – Berlin (S)

Translations: In Context, KN – Berlin

Business As Usual, Kreuzberg Pavillion – Berlin


Fraud, Fake and Fame, St.Johannes Evangelist – Berlin

A Secret Show In Four Acts, Kreuzberg Pavillion – Berlin


Cool Runnings, Kühlhaus – Berlin

Setups/Situations/Institutions Open Studios, Ashkal Alwan – Beirut

We Don‘t Know What We Are Doing Till It‘s Done, Ashkal Alwan – Beirut


Reif, Kühlhaus – Berlin

Kopier Mir die Sonne, Kunst Akademisches Museum – Bonn

Carrying Frames, Vauxhall Bridge – London

XX , Chelsea College of Art – London


Selektive Blindheit , Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz – Berlin

Bodies of Work , Mobil Haus von A-Z – Berlin

Grants /Residencies 

2019 Berlin Program for Artists

2019 Arthouse Foundation Residency – Lagos

2018 Nomination Villa Romana Preis

2016 Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt – Berlin

2014 DAAD-STIBET Graduation Grant – Berlin

2010 Jadmur Art Collective Residency – Beirut

2009 Makan Residency – Amman , Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant – Philadelphia


Painting at a Loss, Catalog

We Don’t Know What We Are Doing Till It’s Done, Exhibition Catalog

Kopier Mir die Sonne, Exhibition Catalog


Wilhelm-Kabus strasse 70,

10829 Berlin

Photo Credit

Jeva Griskjane

Thierry Magniez

Eric Tschernow


Eunsol Choi